The Cardinal Santos Medical Center (CSMC) Sports Medicine Institute: The MVP Clinic offers the latest in the care of professional and recreational athletes- from the treatment and prevention of injuries, to proper conditioning and nutrition. With cutting-edge technologies, we can help you reach your full potential and get you in the best shape of your life, safely and effectively.



Our Sports Medicine Specialists are all board-certified, with extensive world-class training and a wealth of experience in providing accurate diagnoses and evidence-based treatment approaches in injury management and prevention.



Whether you an elite competitor, an aspiring sportsman, a weekend warrior, a child just starting a hobby or a senior citizen simply wanting to enjoy life minus the usual twinges and niggles, The CSMC Sports Medicine Institute: The MVP Clinic is the place for you.



  • CONSULTATION: Healing starts with the right diagnosis.
  • TREATMENT: Programs for all conditions through individualized, patient-centered plan.
  • MAINTENANCE: Now we get you in the best possible shape, focusing on injury-prevention.



  • Targeted Radio Frequency: This gives off energy to decrease swelling, relieve
    pain, relax muscles and promote faster healing. 
  • Super Inductive System: Do you notice numbness, weakness, tingling sensations
    or shooting pain going down your extremities? This uses electromagnetic waves and works best for these conditions. It even speeds up fracture healing. 
  • Shockwave: Produces air pressure that turns into soothing vibrations. Best for tight muscles and troublesome “knots”. 
  • High-Intensity Laser: This non-invasive treatment uses wavelengths that
    produce deep penetrating warmth for instant pain relief. It also accelerates healing and reduces swelling. 
  • Cryotherapy: This is popular among athletes, especially after a grueling match or heavy training. It helps relieve muscle and joint swelling to get you back exercising in no time.
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma: Using the patient’s own blood, this 30-minute,
    out-patient clinic procedure follows the principle of stem cell therapy. 


Learn more about The Cardinal Santos Medical Center Sports Medicine Institute by calling us at 8727-0001 local 5101 or 09692231445 / 09452880184.