General Information

Video Recording Devices

Use of cellular phones or video recording devices to record and share photos/videos of any medical staff or patient inside hospital premises through any form of social media is prohibited.

Personal equipment/devices and valuable items

Bringing of personal items such as but not limited to hair dryer, portable radio, electric fan, gaming consoles, rice cooker, food processor, microwave, and other cooking devices inside the patient’s room are strictly not allowed. Patients are also discouraged to bring any valuable items (jewelries, electronic gadgets, etc.) as the hospital is not responsible for any loss during the patient’s hospital stay.

Hospital Drugs and Medical Equipment

Bringing of personal medical equipment (nebulizer, oxygen tank, patient monitor, etc.) and devices as well as maintenance and other drugs/medicines are not allowed in the hospital.

Smoking and Alcoholic Beverages

CSMC is a smoke-free zone. Alcoholic beverages are also not allowed within the premises of the hospital.

Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy Services

Upon request, CSMC may call for a priest or Chaplain to provide spiritual care to patients. Bedside communion, Holy Mass, anointing of the sick, blessing and other spiritual needs that my help in the recovery of patients may be provided upon request.
To arrange a pastoral visit, you may contact the Chaplaincy office at local 4444. The CSMC – Our Lady of Miraculous Medal Chapel is located on the 1/F of the main building. A Catholic Mass is held every Monday to Sunday at 12:15pm.

Firearms and Weapons

Bringing of firearms and weapons is strictly prohibited within the hospital.