Brain & Spine Institute

Brain & Spine Institute

The Brain and Spine Institute is a leading force in the field of neurosciences in the Philippines. It provides a full spectrum of neurological services for adults and pediatric with disorders of the brain, spine and neurovascular abnormalities through its subspecialty centers: the Philippine Gamma Knife Center, the Brain and Spine Tumor Center, the Philippine Movement Disorder Surgery Center, the Cardinal Santos Spine Center, the CSMC Stroke Service, the Neurophysiology Center, and the Cardinal Santos Memory Center. It is a recognized referral center for neurological diseases in the country.

Services Offered

Adult and Pediatric Brain and Spine Tumors

Congenital, Traumatic, Infectious and Degenerative Spine Disorders

Neurovascular Disorders

Congenital Brain Disorders

Neuromuscular Disorders

Neuropathic Pain Diseases

Dementia and Memory Disorders

Neurodevelopmental Disorders


Sleep Disorders


More of Our Services

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