Accredited HMO's

Prior to admission, please coordinate with your HMO for the Letter of Guarantee (LOG) or Letter of Authorization (LOA) and additional documentation requirements to avoid delays.
Patients may secure their LOA/LOG at Patients Concierge located at GF, Medical Arts Bldg 1, Room 112 or they may call (02) 8727-0001 local 3059.
Operating hours are from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Saturday (except holidays).
Patients may also get in touch with their insurance to be notified about their admission.
  1. Asian Life
  2. Asiancare Health Systems
  3. Avega Managed Care
  4. AXA Insurance
  5. Beneficial Life Insurance Co.
  6. Carehealth Plus Systems International, Inc.
  7. Carewell Health Systems, Inc.
  8. Caritas Health Shield, Inc.
  9. Cigna Global Health
  10. Cocolife Health Care
  11. Cooperative Health Management Federation
  12. Eastwest Healthcare, Inc.
  13. Etiqa Life and General Assurances Phils. Inc.
  14. Fortune Medicare, Inc.
  15. Generali Life Assurance
  16. Getwell Health Care
  17. Health Delivery System Inc. (Flexicare)
  18. Health Maintenance Inc. (HMI)
  19. Health Plan Philippines Inc. (HPPI)
  20. Healthway Medical (Medi Access)
  21. I-Care (Insular Healthcare, Inc).
  22. IMS Wellthcare, Inc. 
  23. Intellicare (Asalus Corp)
  24. Kaiser International Health Group Inc.
  25. Lacson & Lacson Insurance Brokers Inc.
  26. Life and Health, HMP Inc.
  27. Maxicare Healthcare Corporation
  28. Med Asia Healthcare System Phils
  29. Medicard Philippines, Inc.
  30. Medicare Plus, Inc.
  31. Medilink Network Inc.
  32. Medocare Systems Inc.
  33. Metrocare Health Systems, Inc.
  34. Netcare Life and health Insurance, Inc.
  35. Optimum Medical & Healthcare
  36. Pacific Cross Healthcare, Inc.
  37. Philhealthcare, Inc.
  38. Selectcare Phils. Inc.
  39. Staywell Information Systems, Inc.
  40. Takecare Asia Ohilippines, Inc. 
  41. Valucare Health Systems, Inc.
  42. Wellcare Health Maintenance (Transnational Medical & Diagnostic Center)