Presidential Suite

93 sqm room located at the...

Patient's Room, Living Room, Dining Room, Two (2) comfort rooms separate...


Suite Room

43 sqm room with Wack-Wack golf...

Private bathroom, couch, telephone, cable TV, dining table, kitchen sink, refrigerator,...



10 sqm rooms located at the...

Amenities, Telephone, Refrigerator, Cable TV, Common toilet and bath, Bedside chair



Private rooms located at 2nd to...

Amenities, Telephone, Refrigerator, Cable TV, Private bathroom, Couch, Bedside chair, Free...


New Rooms

Newly constructed rooms in 2nd and...

Amenities, Telephone, Refrigerator, Thermos, Cable TV, Private bathroom, Couch, Bedside chair,...



Patient Safety

Cardinal Santos Medical Center has taken several steps to ensure your safety:

Safe medicine use policy. Nurses will administer your medicines to you personally, delivered individually packaged and labeled, with proper instructions. We recommend that only medicines from the hospital pharmacy be used. No-smoking, no-alcohol policy within the hospital premises.

Patient Comfort

We try to give you all the comforts of home and more:

Upon arrival at the hospital, a wheelchair or stretcher will be immediately provided when necessary All rooms are air-conditioned. Private rooms are equipped with cable-ready TV and a channel guide at your bedside Each room is equipped with a Call Light System located above the headboard of the beds. You may press the call button for immediate assistance from the nursing staff.
Linens are changed daily and rooms are cleaned twice a day. Trash bins are color-coded for proper segregation.

Patient Security

Cardinal Santos Medical Center has enforced several measures to ensure the security of its patients.

CSMC discourages patients from bringing valuables to the hospital. Patients may deposit these items with the hospital cashier if these cannot be brought home. Deposited items will only be returned upon proper identification.
Payments are only accepted at the hospital cashier. No payments are allowed through agents or individuals elsewhere within and outside the hospital. Firearms and lethal weapons are not allowed within the hospital premises.

All medical findings and information will be explained to you by your attending physician in person. Do not entertain phone calls claiming to be from your doctor’s assistant or hospital personnel. You may report such prank calls to the nurses on duty.

Please report suspicious individuals or security-related incidents to CSMC security at local 3509.

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