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Best Cardiologist in The Philippines: Cardinal Santos Medical Center

As one of the best hospitals not just in San Juan but the whole country, Cardinal Santos Medical Center is one of the healthcare facilities that have the best neurosurgeon in the Philippines. From consultation, diagnostic services, treatment, rehabilitation, and recovery, we can help both adults and pediatric patients with complete patient care and facilities. Continue reading to learn more.

Chances are at some point in life you have considered seeing the best cardiologist in the Philippines. There is a significant cause of concern for cardiovascular diseases with statistics from the Department of Health (DOH) — stating it is one of the top causes of death in the country. If you are at risk for heart disease, a routine check-up with a cardiology specialist in the Philippines can help you learn about what measures you can take for better heart health.

Cardinal Santos Medical Center (CSMC) is equipped with advanced technology and world-class trained doctors to provide a patient-centered holistic heart health care. Since its founding date in 1974, CSMC has earned its place as one of the country’s leading hospitals specializing in the fields of cardiology. We provide each patient the latest diagnostic and therapeutic modalities in the management and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Together, our best cardiologist in the Philippines, cardiovascular surgeons, cardiology experts, interventional cardiologists, cardiac rehabilitation experts, nurses, physical therapists, and medical technicians form the cream of the crop in their respective fields to enhance the effect of acute treatment actions, and to improve patient's well-being and recovery.

Continue reading to learn more about our cardiology department services and teams of expert cardiologists in Manila.

Featured Services

With a sterling record in heart care, Cardinal Santos Medical Center delivers a wide array of services for cardiovascular diseases.

From prevention, risk-factor assessment, diagnosis, intervention, surgery, recovery, rehabilitation, to patient education — our cardiology pool of experts provides a spectrum of care for patients suffering from heart attacks, hypertension, rheumatic heart diseases, congenital heart disease, coronary artery disease, aortic aneurysms, blocked arteries, and other cardiovascular diseases.

Here are some of the important medical services provided by the best cardiologist in the Philippines from Cardinal Santos Medical Center.

These services utilize the latest in medical technology, along with highly-trained team to provide advanced diagnostics and treatment, round-the-clock care for patients, and a rehabilitation center that provides recovery and wellness programs. The heart is one of the most important organs in the body, and our medical team will ensure that your cardiovascular health will be at its best.


2D Echocardiogram Plain Study

A 2D Echocardiogram Plain Study is a non-invasive heart diagnostic procedure that involves using a transducer to send high-frequency sound waves to the heart. Small adhesives patches known as electrodes will be attached to the patient’s chest to allow the technologist to view the heart’s valves and pumping strength. It presents the various images of the heart, so it becomes easy to evaluate the blood flow to the heart and if there are any damages or blockages.

A 2D Echocardiogram Plain Study must only be done by the best cardiologist in the Philippines to ensure an accurate diagnosis. That being said, our highly-trained cardiology specialists are qualified to perform the procedure.

Aside from that, CSMC’s Catheterization Laboratory also makes it possible to perform minimally invasive procedures to diagnose and treat coronary artery diseases. This national referral center is managed by a team of locally and internationally recognized professionals in the field of interventional cardiology.

For diagnostic and treatment services, our specialized team of experienced cardiovascular physicians, nurses, and radiological technologists will assist you throughout the process. We can help diagnose your condition with Angiography, Intravascular Ultrasonography, Hemodynamic Study, and more. For treatment, our doctors can perform Aortic Valvuloplasty, Mitral Valve Repair, and Trans-Aortic Valve Repair just to name a few.

Electrocardiogram study (ECG)

An electrocardiogram study (ECG) records the electric signal from the patient’s heart to detect different heart problems. Electrodes are placed on your chest to record your heart's electrical signals, which are shown on the attached computer monitor. This quick, safe, and painless procedure can check the heart’s rhythm, check for poor blood flow, diagnose a heart attack, and detect other abnormalities in the heart.

Carotid Duplex Scan

A carotid artery duplex scan is a type of ultrasound done to access blockage or narrowing of carotid arteries. It is simple, non-invasive, and can be done in 15 minutes if done by the best cardiologist in the Philippines. The carotid duplex scan provides 2D images of the arteries to determine blood flow levels. Absence or faintness in the sounds from the transducer may indicate an obstruction to the heart’s blood flow.

Cardiac Rehabilitation (Phase 1, 2 3, and 4)

Cardiac rehabilitation refers to a comprehensive and medically supervised recovery program designed for patients who had heart disease. It may be beneficial for patients who experienced a heart attack, heart surgery, and coronary artery disease. Cardiac rehabilitation aims to help the patient return to optimal fitness and function.

There are four phases of cardiac rehabilitation. We employ the best cardiologist in the Philippines and supporting staff to accomplish all these. The first phase takes place in the hospital after the cardiac event, and the other three phases occur in a cardiac rehab center or at home.

Phase I focuses on how to regain patient mobility, Phase II ensures that the patient is progressing throughout the recovery and involves receiving more extensive training to manage the condition. Phase III will involve close assessment and monitoring, exercise, and further training to help the patient manage heart conditions on their own. Phase IV is the last stage for cardiac rehabilitation and involves exercises, proper nutrition, and lifestyle changes as set out by the rehab team.


Why Choose Cardinal Santos Medical Center for Cardiology Services

For the best cardiology services in Manila, choose Cardinal Santos Medical Center. Our hospital is not only home to the best cardiologist in the Philippines, but also world-class facilities, the best residency programs in the Philippines, the latest medical equipment, and excellent service providers. Along with a dedicated and professional medical staff, Cardinal Santos Medical Center provides holistic 24/7 patient care through a comprehensive range of preventive, intensive, and rehabilitative cardiology services.

State-Of-The-Art Health Facilities

Upon your appointment at Cardinal Santos Medical Center, you can expect that the hospital has state-of-the-art health facilities to cater to your medical procedures. Here, you will find the best cardiologist in the Philippines that will work on your medical needs equipped with expertise and backed by upgraded health facilities. We also heavily invest in the latest equipment to respond to the health needs of the patients we serve.

Licensed and World-Class Trained Doctors

The best cardiologist in the Philippines and the best neurosurgeon in the Philippines can be found at Cardinal Santos Medical Center. Our mission is to provide patient-centered holistic heart health care. Our doctors are trained for many years to gain expertise in the field of cardiology capable in the treatment and management of various heart diseases treat a wide array of heart diseases.

A Wide Array of Healthcare Partners

We made sure to partner with healthcare providers in the country with the best benefits coverage that will aid in fulfilling our patients’ health needs. Our wide array of healthcare partners includes Intellicare Asalus Corporation, AXA General Health Assurance, Cocolife Healthcare, Maxicare Healthcare Corporation, Medicard Philippines, Inc., Avega Managed Care, Inc., ValuCare Health Systems, Inc., CareHealth Plus Systems International, Inc., Caritas Health Shield, Inc., and many more.

Choose The Best Cardiologist in The Philippines — Cardinal Santos Medical Center!

Are you looking for the best cardiologist in the Philippines? Schedule an appointment now at Cardinal Santos Medical Center! Since 1974, Cardinal Santos Medical Center has remained committed to providing the best in medical care for patients using state-of-the-art technologies and world-class trained doctors. Stay on top of your heart health and let our medical teams cater to your needs today.

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