Pagbibigay Pugay sa mga Nagtataguyod ng Buhay

August 25, 2017

Cardinal Santos Medical Center (CSMC) has been known for its excellent services and pioneer programs, all of which were achieved with the expertise and generosity of our Caring Cardinal Leaders. Employees from Colinas Verdes Hospital Managers Corporation (CVHMC), Colinas Healthcare, Inc. (CHI) and Cardinal Medical Charities Foundation, Inc. (CMCFI) who have contributed to the hospital’s success for the last five years, and consultants who have dedicated more than 3 decades of their time and efforts were awarded on Aug. 25, 2017 at the PCAS Events Center to recognize their continued service and loyalty to CSMC and its patients.


Dr. Francisco G. Dizon, specialist in Internal Medicine and an awardee for his 44 years of service, delivered his response in behalf of all consultant awardees; while Mr. Deo Christed Alimpuyo, an Infection Control Nurse, imparted his response in behalf of his colleagues. CSMC’s very own President and Chief Executive Officer, Atty. Pilar Nenuca Almira, delivered her heartwarming and inspiring speech as she shared her wonderful experiences and joys of being part of one of the country’s renowned hospitals.


Congratulations to all awardees and may they continue to heal and inspire within and beyond the walls of CSMC.


40 to 44 Years of Service

Abes, Cresencio R., M.D.

Africa, Demetrio L., M.D.

Alvarez, Sol Z., M.D.

Billote, Juanito B., M.D.

Chua, Mary N., M.D.

Chuachiaco, Manuel Jr. T., M.D.

Custodio, Eleonor P, M.D.

Diamante, Arcangel N., M.D.

Dizon, Fe C., M.D.

Dizon, Francisco G., M.D.

Europa, Amelia V., M.D.

Flores, Demetrio Jr. R., M.D.

Flores, Lourdes Q., M.D.

Javier, Bernardita B., M.D.

Lapus, Jaime V., M.D.

Llamanzares, Teodoro P., M.D.

Naval, Cosme Ildefonso N., M.D.

Noche Jr., Miguel L., M.D.

Pareja, Mildred N., M.D.

Piedad, Honorato H., M.D.

Poblete, Amelia Q., M.D.

Reyes, Ofelia L., M.D.

Reyes, Tyrone M., M.D.

Rivera, Antonio A., M.D.

Rivera, Esperanza F., M.D.

Tomas, Jaime Jr. G., M.D.

35 to 39 Years of Service

Acosta, Ernesto G., M.D.

Baltazar, Emilio Jr. G., M.D.

Caisip, Pura R., M.D.

Canonigo, Emiliano Jr. B., M.D.

Capito, Lourdes B., M.D.

Cofreros, Teodoro U., M.D.

Cuaso, Judy Y.C., M.D.

Dy-Liacco, Jacinto U., M.D.

Evidente, Jose Antonio G., M.D.

Gamus Te, Ma. Rosario C., M.D.

Granados Rivera, Solema C., M.D.

Libarnes, Regelio L., M.D.

Lu Fong, Margaret T., M.D.

Manaloto, Loreto S., M.D.

Mendoza, Jesus Benjamin L., M.D.

Mendoza, Myrna T., M.D.

Mercado, Eduardo R., M.D.

Palafox, Perfecto O., M.D.

Pasay-Recto, Carmelita L., M.D.

Sy, Rody G., M.D.

Tan Sales, Bee Giok K., M.D.

Tan, Robert K., M.D.


5 Years of Service

Alimpuyo, Deo Christed Narido

Almira, Pilar Nenuca Palacio

Bassig, Ma. Jestissa Brutas

Bermido, Ma. Hazel Tormes

Bertumen, Krisel Robes

Bongon, Gayle Ann Dela Cruz

Castro, Marc Joan Robin

Casuga, Marites Balmediano

Conopio, Lara Faye Villanueva

De Leon, Jacklyn Cabansag

De Mayo, Claro Iglesias

Dela Cruz, Jeffrey Aviguetero

Delos Trinos, Anne Jaycel Caballero

Dimatatac, Flory Ann Padlan

Dizon, Justin Rianne Mapa

Dizon, Michael Fan

Domingo, Lilibeth Miranda

Donato, Stefanie Marie Florendo

Espiritu, Liza Avelino

Florentino, Abegail Tolento

Flores, Gelly Ann Faustino

Foz, Ryan Gil Cuenca

Girao, Nerissa Reyes

Go, Mikhael Guicho Escasinas

Gorgonia, Karlo Simon Dael

Gorrospe, Hazelyn Gazmen

Gugol, Sherwin Ryan Borromeo

Jomoc, Angelique Siapco

Jose, Carl Alvin Pastrana

Lirio, Mark Faustino Dabac

Llanto, Joel Beniaga

Malco, Ramir Tan

Mamagat, Elizabeth Tullo

Mangali, Rafael Buenaluz

Mañibo, Jemaeco Baes

Marcos, James Ryan Cruz

Medina, Cindy Manuel

Medina, Jeric Rivera

Mercado, Edna Figurasin

Mirandilla, Billie Joe Torrontegui

Moleta, Jason Cris Sapal

Narito, Richard Malvar

Nepomuceno, Rose Ann Torres

Orosco, Susan Canlas

Pajutining, Jenelyn Cayron

Parungo, Rommel Pangilinan

Purisima, April Loise Gappi

Quirante, Marisol Abrugar

Rayala, Rommel Ram Catapat

Reyes, Leslie Ann Silverio

Salandanan, Aaron Charles Cantos

Santiano, Elena Pabiona

Santos, Ana Maria Mirasol

Santos, Genalin Dabu

Sarmiento, Julian Anton San Juan

Sena, Mark Paulo Pefanio

Shih, Lucinda Hernandez

Soncuya, Ramona Grace Rodriguez

Tallo, Meloyka Marie De Guzman

Tan, Jan Aerol Ventulan

Ticzon, Minerva Sotalbo

Torrecampo, Sheikinah Guevarra

Tubigan, Leslyn Mae A

Vallesfino, John Albert Garcia

Viloria, Regielyn Bayle


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