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Best Neurosurgeon in The Philippines: Cardinal Santos Medical Center

August 05, 2021

As one of the best hospitals not just in San Juan but the whole country, Cardinal Santos Medical Center is one of the healthcare facilities that have the best neurosurgeon in the Philippines. From consultation, diagnostic services, treatment, rehabilitation, and recovery, we can help both adults and pediatric patients with complete patient care and facilities. Continue reading to learn more.


CSMC’s Department of Neurosurgery


If you’re looking for a skilled neurosurgeon in Manila, CSMC is your best option, with its expert team of doctors ready to help diagnose and treat your condition. Our Department of Neurosurgery is led by the top medical professionals in the Philippines.


  • Philippine Center for Advanced Surgery


One of the goals of CSMC is to provide its patients with the highest quality of care. For this reason, we are always evaluating our health care services and programs to the highest standards. Our doctors are continuously pursuing further education to keep up with the latest education and training that can provide improvements in your healthcare journey.


Because of CSMC’s commitment to bring you the best neurosurgeon in the Philippines, it opened its first academic training institution—the Philippine Center for Advanced Surgery. The center has become a symbol of CSMC's world-class training program where both medical professionals here and abroad have access to the latest technology and modern surgical facilities for the Minimally Invasive Surgery program(MIS).


  • Philippine’s Top Neurosurgeons


Neurosurgery is one of the toughest and extensive medical programs in the field of surgery. With numerous years required in formal education and training, only a few can finish it with flying colors. But as one of the best hospitals in the country, CSMC is known for its sterling roster of neurosurgeons. With 233 surgeons, our roster of expert and compassionate team of doctors will help you in the diagnosis and treatment of brain, spine and nerve condition.


You can find the best neurosurgeon in the Philippines here at CSMC. Call 8727-0001to schedule an appointment.


●     Michael Louis A. Gimenez (Chief of the Brain & Spine Institute)

●     Jose A. Aguilar

●     Gilbert J. Rañoa

●     Theodor S. Vesagas

●     Alamario G. Jabson

●     Willy G. Lopez


Why Choose CSMC 


Cardinal Santos Medical Center is one of the leading hospitals in the country when it comes to specialized fields in medicine, including neurosurgery. Aside from having leading centers and departments, including our best cancer center in the Philippines, we also pride ourselves in focusing on innovative neurosurgery services and solutions.


  • Complete Therapeutic and Diagnostic Services


To help the best neurosurgeon in the Philippines to diagnose and treat your condition, CSMC provides therapeutic and diagnostic services.


●     Brain and Spine Institute


CSMC’s Brain and Spine Institute offers a full spectrum of services for both pediatric and adult patients with brain, spine, and neurovascular conditions. Here, you will find the best neurosurgeon in the Philippines to help you and other patients with epilepsy, sleep disorders, stroke, brain and spine tumors, dementia, memory disorders, and more.


●     Rehabilitation Medicine


As one of the best rehabilitation centers in the Philippines, CSMC is known for its specialization in the treatment of neurological cases such as spinal injuries and stroke.


To ensure continuity of care, we also offer post-operative programs for patients who have recently undergone brain surgeries and the like. Your doctor will coordinate with this department to provide you the best patient care—from diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.


  • Latest Healthcare Equipment and Amenities


A physical examination is not enough to provide an accurate diagnosis. To arrive at a more detailed assessment of your condition, a thorough examination must be done to aid your neurosurgeon detect brain conditions. To diagnose your condition, our doctors may request that you undergo laboratory and diagnostic imaging procedure like MRI, CT Scan and PET Scan.


If you’re looking for a PET/CT Scan in Manila, CSMC offers state-of-the-art GE Discovery PET/CT 710 with advanced capabilities. This state-of-the-art equipment is capable of providing better quantitative accuracy to provide a more accurate medical diagnosis. It can also produce high-definition image reconstruction while minimizing radiation, allowing our clinicians and the best neurosurgeon in the Philippines to come up with high-quality patient care for the best possible outcomes.


  • Multi-Awarded and Accredited Hospital in The Country


We’ve had the privilege to receive prestigious recognition from different award-giving bodies here and abroad. One of these is the Department Of Health Award as one of the Top 10 Level 3 Hospitals in the Philippines. Level 3 Hospitals offer high-level specialty interventions such as the rehabilitation of patients.


CSMC also pioneered in establishing an AHMA Gold Award-winning training center for MIS (Minimally Invasive Surgery) that has garnered international recognition and accreditation for physician training. Since the establishment of our PCAS-MIS Training Center in 2014, we have been able to enrich the skills of more than 3,000 surgeons and 800 nurses nationwide and globally. Surgeons from neighboring nations such as Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Korea have also sought our training center to further their skills and knowledge in minimally invasive surgery.


In 2019, CSMC was honored to be one of the recipients of the Asian Hospital Management Awards (AHMA) in Hanoi, Vietnam, for its top-notch healthcare and unparalleled medical training. This award exemplifies our hospital’s unwavering dedication to highly accessible and available patient care for everyone.


We’re also blessed to be an Investors In People Award holder for many years. They are an organization that focuses on people management. CSMC is also accredited by Accreditation Canada International and SOCOTEC Certification International, as well as the Department of Tourism for medical tourism.


  • Various Healthcare Partners


CSMC has partnered with numerous healthcare institutions in the country to help you avail of the best treatments and rehabilitation programs for the brain, spinal, and other nervous system conditions. This ensures that you get the best health care from the best neurosurgeon in the Philippines. Some of our partners are the following:


●     Maxicare Healthcare Corporation

●     Cocolife Healthcare

●     Insular Health Care

●     Intellicare

●     Medicard Philippines, Inc.

●     Philhealthcare, Inc.

●     AXA General Health Assurance


Schedule Your Check-Up with The Best Neurosurgeon in the Philippines at Cardinal Santos Medical Center!


Here at Cardinal Santos Medical Center, we are committed to providing the best care for our patients. From our best residency programs in the Philippines, we have produced the country’s most skilled medical specialists.


We are committed to continuously improve our patient care by providing the most advanced medical equipment, state-of-the-art facilities and comprehensive patient care accessible to everyone. To book an appointment or for consultation with the best neurosurgeon in the Philippines, you may call 8727-0001.