Department of Ophthalmology

The Cardinal Santos Medical Center Department of Ophthalmology is one of the country’s top institutions in eye care. Boasting of 75 consultant ophthalmologists, many of which are leaders in the academe, officers of the Philippine Board of Ophthalmology, and recipients of international research awards, the department offers comprehensive eye care. Under its auspices are:

  • An outpatient department for patients with eye complaints
  • A dedicated ophthalmic operating room
  • The CSMC Eye-Center for specialized procedures requiring state-of-the-art equipment


The CSMC Department of Ophthalmology commits itself to:

  • Dedicated, compassionate, competent care in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of eye diseases
  • Render quality-assured equipment in ensuring reliability of service and care
  • Delivery of holistic services to all patients with no regard to creed and race
  • Harboring educational development, training, research, and professional growth of the medical staff and members


The CSMC Department of Ophthalmology is a center for reliable and optimal eye care services founded on quality education and training. Our values are grounded on nobility, providing services of the highest standard in quality care.

Training Programs

The Department of Ophthalmology is an accredited training institution by the Philippine Board of Ophthalmology. Its trainees participate in a quarterly In-House Cataract Mission held in the Operating Room supervised by dedicated consultants. They have also been trained in the field of research and have garnered several awards during the Philippine Association of Ophthalmology Annual Convention – Residents’ Research Paper Contest.